Tyler Barker

Founder & Owner

1515 Mockingbird Lane Charlotte, NC 28209
+1 (704) 575-8489

charlotte, north carolina

Commercial Real Estate

Mammoth Real Estate LLC

In 2015 Tyler Barker envisioned becoming a commercial real estate entrepreneur but did not know the journey it would take him on. After starting Mammoth Ventures, he saw a need in the Carolinas for servicing tenants in the leasing sector. His passion for helping individuals and understanding of landlords spurred him to specialize in offering retail & office tenant representation through Mammoth Realty. Since then, the team’s agile experience has helped clients negotiate favorable deals and lease millions of square feet. The Mammoth team’s belief is simple: offer each client peace of mind in effectively finding the right space to lease.

Focusing on exemplary customer service, thorough research, and community involvement, Mammoth proudly imparts a genuine passion for the markets it serves to each of its clients. With offices in Charlotte, Asheville, and Charleston, the Mammoth Family has positioned itself at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing regions in the country to help drive commercial advancement. As a premier tenant representation firm, Mammoth does not provide multiple brokerage services across multiple sectors. Therefore, their clients receive their full attention, communication, and loyalty, eliminating any conflict of interest.


Tenant Representation

• Expert Witness

• Leasing and Renewals

• Subleasing, Assignment, Disposition

Practice Areas

• Law firms

• Non-profits

• Office

• Industrial

• Warehouse & Storage

• Retail