ITRA Global is one of the largest real estate organizations in the world devoted to representing Tenants and Occupiers of commercial real estate.

Formed in 1992, ITRA Global has provided clients with principal-level representation for their multi-regional real estate needs. Each ITRA team member is already among the best and most respected practitioners in his or her respective market, yet he/she benefits greatly from an ITRA affiliation. As our members have confirmed, their business volume and the quality of work have noticeably increased since becoming a part of the ITRA Global team.

Remain Independent, Think Bigger and Increase Your Income

To compete for and win more substantial assignments in your home market and add a world class team to work on multi-market client projects, ITRA Global's Platform for independent 100% Tenant Representatives is surprisingly fast, easy and inexpensive to adopt.  Our offices can quickly become your offices.  

  • Step up to an established multi-market, international brand platform (essentially "plug 'n play") and start winning more often against the most established commercial real estate brokerage companies and franchised tenant rep organizations.
  • Leverage ITRA Global's tools and our contacts to win superior projects in your local and regional  -- and even national and international markets.
  • Elevate your Tenant Rep expertise with valuable, shared insights from ITRA Global Members, with an average of 20 years each corporate real estate experience.
  • Use our customized ITRA Global marketing materials, including letterhead, business cards, brochures, electronic newsletters, articles and press releases sent to your contacts.
  • Enhance visibility of your firm in your local market, but remain fiercely independent and fully in control of your own business:  no burdensome rules or regulations.  Retain the full flexibility to market your firm and also use ITRA Global's resources at your discretion.
  • Get reinvigorated professionally at ITRA Global's semi-annual  events and conferences in different cities. Get a change of scenery, network with experienced, non-competing peers and acquire new knowledge and skills during our educated sessions dedicated to 100% Tenant/Buyer Reps.
  • Draw from our deep database of Member-contributed documents and marketing pieces -- all archived on line in our confidential, easy to access, ITRAnet.  
  • Link to ITRA Global's website and boost your own search engine rankings, especially in your home market. Discover the best social media apps that greatly benefit Tenant Reps.  
  • Obtain exclusive territorial rights as the ITRA Global office for your local designated geographic market area.  
  • Receive referrals from ITRA Global offices and unaffiliated commercial real estate brokers and tenant representatives who trust ITRA Global to work on their clients' out of area needs.  ITRA offices are the safest and best co-broker choice because we protect their client relationships and close their transactions.
  • Brainstorm and freely share best practices in a collegial, collaborative environment with Tenant Rep peers from outside your home market.
  • With no fee splits "taken off the top" on completed referred transactions, ITRA Global delivers exceptional value for the investment in your firm's future.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The International Tenant Representative Alliance has been the best investment I have made, bar none! Prior to becoming an ITRA affiliate, my company had long focused on providing quality tenant representation services to corporations with significant requirements in the Pittsburgh area. Since becoming an ITRA affiliate, the global platform and combined areas of expertise have expanded tremendously the opportunities to help our clients, generating new revenue streams well beyond my expectations. Moreover, the education, multi-facet experience, global perspective, resources, along with the unwavering support system and friendships of ITRA affiliates, have provided the ultimate return on my investment!”

– Carrie Holstead, ITRA Pittsburgh

"Why I love ITRA Global! This organization allows us to offer services to our clients across North America. We have sent many referrals to our ITRA Offices and have been the recipient of many referrals, too. Twice a year, the Owners of ITRA firms meet to teach each other how to further their businesses. Most importantly, the Owners are super Tenant Reps and such great people. It’s a wonderful group. I’m so glad ITRA Global found and recruited my firm!" 


- Lynn Drake, MCR, ITRA Detroit



“Several years ago, while working on an assignment with ITRA DC, our firm learned about ITRA and was invited to attend an ITRA conference in San Francisco. At the conference, it became clear to us that the International Tenant Representative Alliance was the missing link our firm needed to totally service our clients. The depth of knowledge, experience, integrity, talent and dedication each ITRA affiliate brings to the organization makes it a truly unique organization. All affiliates are seasoned professionals and principals of their firms, willing to openly share information and best practices to aide others in successfully growing their firms. Becoming a part of ITRA has elevated our company to a higher level and enabled us to better serve our clients by providing them the service and information they need to make more knowledgeable real estate decisions.”

– Debra L. Stevens, CCIM, ITRA Boston

Have we piqued your interest yet?


If  the answer is “Yes”, and you are the principal of a commercial real estate firm which represents tenants and buyers exclusively.

please contact:

Beth Wade, ITRA Global Membership
1.706.654.3202 or Email