About ITRA Global

What we do

Globally Representing Tenants and Buyers

ITRA Global is an organization of Real Estate Professionals specializing in representing tenants and buyers in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of office, industrial and retail real estate. ITRA Global is one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to representing corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate in major markets across the globe.

Our Difference

  • We have no conflicts of interest.
  • We are devoted to representing tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate
  • We use our expertise to negotiate on your behalf, focusing on lowering your real estate costs.
  • We are seasoned professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • We provide broad geographic coverage with offices in major markets around the world.

Your Advantage

  • You will always receive conflict-free representation with total objectivity.
  • You will get the necessary negotiating leverage to reduce your real estate costs.
  • You will reduce the risk of making a costly mistake.
  • You will benefit from having an experienced professional as your trusted advisor.
  • You will receive seamless representation in multiple markets.

Teamwork, Expertise, Talent, Value

ITRA affiliates bring a diverse “skill set”, with specialties in many unique sectors of the economy. National and International expertise can be obtained from within the group to address the client’s specific and complex needs. ITRA is a team of players who embrace a client-focused approach that utilizes the perspective of what is best for a particular client.

Major Market Representation

ITRA affiliates have relationships based on common goals, expertise and respect. ITRA clients benefit from broad geographic coverage with specific expertise in each market that ITRA serves.

Experienced Market Leaders

ITRA affiliates are experienced and provide a long-term history of problem solving, deal making, information analysis, negotiation acumen, and market knowledge. Each ITRA affiliate is required to have at least ten years experience in the field of real estate and has passed ITRA’s rigorous application and screening process.

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