ITRA Global Transactions - Newsletter August 2018

ITRA Global has experience in 300+ markets around the world! Here are some of the recent transactions completed by our members.

The Leasing Process - ISSUE 41

The leasing process is complex and time consuming when done properly.  Tenants can lease space from landlords from the high ground - a position of strength, or conversely with an absence of leverage - a position of weakness.  When engaged, a professional Tenant Representative will use their comprehensive understanding of the market and the dynamics involved to establish the most favorable terms and conditions for tenant-clients.

London - Where's Hot & Not - Issue 41

London - Where's Hot & Not

Tight Real Estate Market? Try a Sale/Leaseback – Issue 40

Finding the right space for your business is a complicated process involving a number of moving targets. Everyone is familiar with the old adage of “Location, Location, Location,” but timing and pricing will also dominate the decision-making process during your next commercial property acquisition.

Brexit Dilemma and Opportunity! Issue 40

The United Kingdom has held a pivotal position in European venture capital as a hub for both investors and start-ups, and that’s particularly true in categories where it has been strong, including financial technology (fintech), games, and biotech.

ITRA Global Expands its Worldwide Network – Issue 40

ITRA Global continues to assemble a nimble team of independent and unbiased advisory firms throughout the world with the addition of affiliates in Seattle, Washington; Orlando, Florida; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. With coverage in major markets around the world, ITRA Global is one of the largest organizations dedicated to representing tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate. The three new ITRA Global affiliate offices are:

Corporate Culture and Space Design – Issue 39

In early 2012, a fascinating story of transformation, collaboration, and creativity began to unfold in Ft. Collins, Colorado, where Woodward, Inc. was headquartered.

Leasing Office Space Down Under; The Aussie Way of Doing Business – Issue 39

Australia is known as the land down under where our nearest neighbours are New Zealand and the major emerging markets of Asia. It is the birthplace of great Aussie icons like Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee.

In Memoriam: Dr. Ronald R. Pollina, PhD – Issue 39

Dr. Ronald R. Pollina Ph.D., 71, Chairman Emeritus of ITRA Global and Founder of Park Ridge, Illinois-based Pollina Corporate Real Estate, Inc., recently passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family.

The Rebirth of Detroit – Issue 38

No other city in America suffered as much as Detroit during the Great Recession. When two of the Big Three automakers and then the City of Detroit declared bankruptcy, most people viewed the metropolitan area as an economic wasteland.

ITRA Global Continues its Worldwide Expansion - Issue 38

While recent consolidation in the commercial real estate brokerage industry has created slow-moving organizations, ITRA Global continues to assemble a nimble team of independent and unbiased advisory firms throughout the world.

ITRA Global Announces New Board of Directors & Officers - Issue 37

ITRA Global recently announced that Chris Atwater, CCIM, MAI, president of Michigan Commercial Space Advisors / ITRA Global Grand Rapids, was elected chairman of the board of directors for 2015.

How to Make Sure Your Work Letter Protects You - Issue 36

Perhaps the most overlooked facet of leasing new corporate office space is the complicated world of work letters, which are attachments or exhibits to a lease identifying the landlord’s responsibilities to fund all or a portion of the improvements to the tenant’s premises.

Corporate Real Estate Rule #1: Know Thy Business! - Issue 36

In today’s world, corporate real estate means different things to different companies, but one thing that is consistent for all firms is strategic alignment: the viewpoint of a company’s Corporate Real Estate Executives ("CREs") should reflect the strategic goals of the company.

Navigating Five Lease Landmines - Issue 35

The cost of leasing corporate office space is normally the second highest expense for most companies and involves many complex financial considerations. Therefore, tenants must take a methodical approach to lease negotiations and diligently scrutinize all details of a proposed lease.

Work, Life, Balance and the Cool Factor - Issue 35

When I was originally put to task to find Gigya’s satellite office in Phoenix, Arizona, I had things to consider that went beyond brick and mortar. I needed to incorporate the fabric of our business and our culture into a living space.

Lease Audits for Fun and Profit - Issue 34

Believe it or not, corporate tenants often spend more time and money matching up purchase orders and paying for bottled water than they spend making sure that their rent expense (most likely the second highest company expense after personnel) is correct.

ITRA Global London Symposium ‘Doing Business in the Americas’ The Winning Strategies - Issue 33

Our recent international conference in London brought together top corporate professionals with global operations and economic development executives from government agencies throughout the Americas.

What the Class ‘New Boy’ Learned at the ITRA Global Symposium - Issue 33

I am in the happy position to have had only one job interview in my 15-year career but to have worked for two radically different law firms. Let me explain. In 1997, I turned up as a green trainee lawyer at the City of London corporate firm, Nicholson Graham & Jones (NGJ).

Two World Class Panels Featured at ITRA Global "Doing Business in the Americas" Symposium in London - Issue 32

ITRA Global organized two outstanding panel discussions for “Doing Business in the Americas,” a premier all-day Symposium held recently at the Park Plaza Victoria London in England.

Fun With Mozilla Firefox; Technology Icon Expands Worldwide - Issue 32

Our work with Mozilla, the Mountain View, California-based technology organization best known for its Firefox web browser used by 450 million people worldwide, began in early 2011 with a highly unusual but pleasurable phone call from Mozilla CFO James Cook.

So You Want to Sign a Commercial Lease in Toronto, Eh? - Issue 32

Toronto, like many large international cities, offers a distinctive business climate that reflects local regulations and national traditions, but the city also holds another important distinction: it has endured the volatility of the global corporate real estate market during the last four years remarkably well.

Corporate Tenancy in France – C’est Magnifique – Issue 30

France is the second European economy and has great infrastructure, food, wine and flair, so there are plenty of business and cultural reasons to have operations in France. But what are the compelling and motivating factors for the corporate tenant considering expansion into or relocation within the French market?

Exhilarating Roller Coaster Ride in U.K. – Issue 30

I could hardly write the terms fast enough – Freeholder, License to Underlet, Practical Completion, Upward Only Rent Review, Solicitors, Dilapidations, Superior Lease, VAT – before I added yet another one that I didn’t understand to the list.

ITRA Global Expansion Continues with New Major Market - Issue 30

In the past quarter, a new member with an office in another major market – Northern New Jersey, USA – was selected as an affiliate of ITRA Global, an organization comprised of leading real estate professionals devoted to representing corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide.