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ITRA Global's Annual Conference in Houston, TX 

May 16, 2022

After a few years of putting our annual conference on hold, we were excited to meet up in person this April in Houston, Texas. We packed a lot of quality time in those two days! The conference was held at 609 Main, a Hines trophy property with stunning city views and state-of-the-art amenities.

Members enjoyed face-to-face time together and shared best practices, success stories, and current challenges. We also welcomed two new members into the group: Jeff York, York Property Company, representing us in Dallas, Texas & Orlando, Florida and Garry Adams of Capital Realty, Inc. representing Los Angeles, California.  


Wayne Teig, Principal of ITRA Global l Minneapolis - St. Paul, received the prestigious Ronald R. Pollina PhD Leadership Award at the ITRA Global Conference in Houston, Texas. This award recognizes outstanding leadership, mentorship and contributions to the organization. 

We had an incredible lineup of speakers: Jason Hickey (Hickey & Associates), Dianne Murata (Kimiko Designs), Susan Boyle (Mace), and John Rice (Quarem). Their industry insight is invaluable and we are thankful they were able to share their expertise with us.

Although most of the time was spent at the conference center, we did enjoy a few incredible dinners in downtown Houston. 

Our next global conference will be in the Spring of 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.  

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