Protect Your Lease From Landlord $$$ Problems – Issue XXVIII

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Your company is looking for new space, and you and your tenant representative have narrowed it down to two attractive buildings with competitive lease terms. Building 1 is a little cheaper, and has a better tenant improvement (work letter) on the table than Building 2.
Your broker says take the space that costs more – Building 2. Why?

Sloan Street Advisors / ITRA Global Selected as “Best of 2011”

Posted in: Press Room | March 22nd, 2012 / Washington, DC. USA

Sloan Street Advisors / ITRA Global announced that it has been selected by the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal as one of the “Best of 2011”. The annual awards highlight outstanding commercial real estate companies, professionals, transactions and projects. The company has been selected a winner by the publication for the second consecutive year – […]

Nebraska Department of Economic Development to Sponsor ITRA Global Corporate Real Estate Symposium

Posted in: Press Room | March 20th, 2012 / Chicago, IL. USA

ITRA Global, one of the largest real estate organizations devoted to the representation of corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide, has announced that the Nebraska Department of Economic Development will be a Sponsor for the ITRA Global 2012 Corporate Real Estate Symposium to be held on September 12, 2012 in London, England. […]

Do You Have an Edifice Complex?

Posted in: Articles | by Lynn Drake, ITRA / Compass Commercial, LLC

New business people, infused with optimism, take delight in buying or leasing a business. They spend big dollars for awnings, neon signs and landscaping, not to mention signing a multiple-year lease. Some people invest their entire pension in a new enterprise with hope it will work.

What is an SNDA And Do I Need One?

Posted in: Articles | by Bert Rosenblatt and Andrew Stein - ITRA / Vicus Partners, LLC

A Sudordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement -SNDA- commonly called a “non-disturb”, is an agreement that your landlord asks its lender to provide. The agreement basically says that if the building goes bankrupt and the lender takes control of the building from the landlord, the lender will honor your lease.

How to Minimize Your Security Deposit

Posted in: Articles | by Bert Rosenblatt and Andrew Stein, ITRA / Vicus Partners, LLC

We’re asked all the time: what is a “normal security deposit”? Unfortunately, the truth is… it depends. Let’s start with the basics: the security deposit is a reflection of and hedge against the landlord’s perceived financial risk.

Pass on the Pass Throughs

Posted in: Articles | by Lynn Drake, ITRA / Compass Commercial, LLC

This tax season you want to evaluate the pass throughs or increases over a base year that your landlord charges you. More than likely you received a bill which shows the actual cost billed less any payments for these costs.

Real Estate Taxes and What They Mean to You as a Tenant

Posted in: Articles | by Bert Rosenblatt and Andrew Stein - ITRA / Vicus Partners, LLC

Did you know that the single largest expense to a landlord in running a commercial office building in Manhattan (outside of debt service) is real estate taxes? And did you know that 48.10% of New York City’s total tax revenue or 26.7% of its total 65.9 billion dollar budget is derived from real estate related taxes? Yes, that’s billion with a B. And in case we haven’t gotten your attention yet, did you know that in the last decade, real estate taxes have increased by 108%?

ITRA / The Stevens Group Represents Aras Corp. in 20,000 Sq Ft Lease

Posted in: Press Room | September 12th, 2011 / Boston, MA. USA

Aras Corp. will soon have a new headquarters, but relocating from its current space here at 300 Brickstone Square, will be as seamless for the burgeoning technology firm as one could imagine. After considering options throughout Interstate 495 North, Aras staff need only take the elevator two levels down from the ninth floor into nearly […]

ITRA / Pollina Top 10 Pro-Business Study Depicts Surge of Influence in Western States with Decrease in South and Free Fall in North.

Posted in: Press Room | August 15th, 2011 / Chicago, IL. USA

“The West is America’s new heartland, and it is increasingly a dominant region of population growth and political influence,” says economist and corporate relocation expert Dr. Ronald R. Pollina in the just-released Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2011: The Rise of the West. In the annual study of job retention and creation by […]

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