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The Levy Group / ITRA Global Secures £1.5 million ($2.4 million) of Lease Incentives for ATG Media

Posted in: Press Room | October 28th, 2013 / London, England

The tipping point was the £350,000 ($565,000) per year savings achieved in reduced rent and business rating taxation.

ITRA Global VIP Sponsor, Arizona Commerce Authority, Tells Commercial Site Selection Experts: Arizona Is Open for Business

Posted in: Press Room | October 25th, 2013 / Tucson, AZ. USA

Corporate Real Estate executives learn about $25 million fund to help companies bring high-quality jobs to the state.

ITRA Global Executives Recognized as 2013 Women of Influence

Posted in: Press Room | September 27th, 2013 / Chicago, IL. USA

Real Estate Forum magazine selects two ITRA Global affiliates as Women of Distinction in the Industry.

International Tenant Representative Alliance (ITRA) Global Conference to Showcase Arizona as Global Best Place for Business

Posted in: Press Room | September 10th, 2013 / Scottsdale, AZ. USA

ITRA Global commercial real estate site selection experts gather in Arizona for Annual Fall Conference, providing an opportunity for state economic developer leaders to showcase Arizona as a prime location for business expansion.

ITRA Global Reports: Technology Sector Ignites New York City Real Estate Market

Posted in: Press Room | August 30th, 2013 / New York, NY. USA

According to ITRA Global / Vicus Partners, in the first quarter of this year, technology, media and information firms took more space in New York City than financial companies.

ITRA Global Reports Canada’s Industrial Real Estate Market Making Strong Gains

Posted in: Press Room | July 31st, 2013 / Toronto, Canada

Despite conflicting news stories over the past few years on the state of the international economy, Canada’s industrial sector seems to be much stronger than most Canadians think. The industrial space vacancy rate is a strong barometer for the health of the Canadian economy – and it is going down. “Not only do we track the entire industrial market, but we also monitor portfolios of individual landlords. When we see the landlords who control the big box product and the landlords who control the small unit sector both show strong performance, we know we are on to something.” says Jeff […]

ITRA Global Top 10 Pro-Business States Curb Decline of Middle Class & Foster Economic Growth

Posted in: Press Room | July 23rd, 2013 / Chicago, IL. USA

“Americans have noticed that while costs have risen, incomes have not. In reality, the cost of living has risen by approximately 33 percent from 2000 to 2012 while median family income for the same period has decreased by approximately 7.2 percent,” says Dr. Ronald Pollina, President of ITRA Global Chicago / Pollina Corporate Real Estate, Inc., in the just-released Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2013. The study is co-published with the American Economic Development Institute. “American families increasingly find their standard of living is not improving, their incomes are not rising and they are sliding increasingly into debt. […]

ITRA Global’s Toronto Affiliate Reports the Downtown Office Market is Scorching Hot

Posted in: Press Room | July 9th, 2013 / Toronto, Canada

In stark contrast to most North American commercial real estate markets over the past two years, downtown Toronto has been scorching hot. “We are not only experiencing the largest commercial boom perhaps ever, but the city has become the condominium capital of North America.” says Jeff Howell, partner at Nidea Corporate Real Estate, the Toronto, Ontario affiliate of ITRA Global.  Toronto has been shifting to more of a high rise city over the past decade.  Intensification policies, climbing gas prices and growing commuting times contribute to this trend, as has the influx of the baby-echo generation.  “What is very predictable […]

ITRA Global Study Reveals the Importance of Oil & Gas Industry to Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

Posted in: Press Room | June 17th, 2013 / Pittsburgh, PA. USA

Carrie S. Holstead, President and CEO of Carrie S. Holstead Real Estate Consultants, Inc. and the Pittsburgh affiliate of ITRA Global, has released a study which documents the critical role that Marcellus and Utica Shale play on commercial real estate in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  According to Ms. Holstead, “The oil and gas boom has had one of the greatest financial influences on Pittsburgh since the heyday of the steel industry,” Holstead says. “Our ongoing analysis of this critical component in the economy reveals the nearly half billion dollar recent impact oil and gas companies have had on the commercial […]

ITRA Global London Symposium ‘Doing Business in the Americas’ The Winning Strategies – Issue 33

Posted in: Newsletter

Our recent international conference in London brought together top corporate professionals with global operations and economic development executives from government agencies throughout the Americas.