Peeling The Big Apple, The Submarkets of New York City – Issue 31

When you walk in New York City, you quickly realize that each neighborhood has a different vibe, style, and architecture. This is the beauty of Manhattan. Go ten blocks, and suddenly it’s a new experience.

Corporate Tenancy in France – C’est Magnifique – Issue 30

France is the second European economy and has great infrastructure, food, wine and flair, so there are plenty of business and cultural reasons to have operations in France. But what are the compelling and motivating factors for the corporate tenant considering expansion into or relocation within the French market?

Exhilarating Roller Coaster Ride in U.K. – Issue 30

I could hardly write the terms fast enough – Freeholder, License to Underlet, Practical Completion, Upward Only Rent Review, Solicitors, Dilapidations, Superior Lease, VAT – before I added yet another one that I didn’t understand to the list.

ITRA Global Expansion Continues with New Major Market – Issue 30

In the past quarter, a new member with an office in another major market – Northern New Jersey, USA – was selected as an affiliate of ITRA Global, an organization comprised of leading real estate professionals devoted to representing corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide.