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ITRA Global Announces 2019 Board of Directors

January 29, 2019


ITRA Global recently announced the 2019 Board of Directors.  In gratitude for their willingness to serve, the organization is proud to provide an overview of their dedication and commitment to ITRA Global.    

Serving as Chairman, Debra Stracke Anderson, CCIM, SIOR, ITRA Global Washington, D.C., became a member of ITRA Global in 2003. She has contributed extensively to the organization, having served on the Board of ITRA Global in many officer position -- Chairman, Chairman Emeritus, and Secretary -- while serving as Chairman of the ITRA Global Conference Committee for several years. A 30-year veteran and leader in the commercial real estate industry, Debra has received many industry accolades, including induction into the “Hall of Fame” by ALM’s Real Estate Forum in 2018.  Debra was the recipient of the ITRA Global “Exemplary Service Award” in 2009 and the organization’s most prestigious award, the “Ronald R. Pollina PhD Leadership Award” in 2016, highlighting outstanding leadership, mentorship and contributions to the organization. She is a frequent author and speaker on commercial real estate matters and has also served on the boards of organizations that work to improve the lives of at-risk children. 

Charles Tatham, SIOR, MRICS, ITRA Global Paris, serves as Vice Chairman of the organization. Having over 30 years’ experience in real estate, including a broad variety of tenant-related roles in major sectors, Charles joined ITRA Global in 2010. He has served on the Board of Directors since 2016 as both Chairman and Vice Chairman. Charles has been instrumental in growing the Non-North American Division of ITRA Global, currently serving as the Non-North America Regional Chairman of the ITRA Global Locations Committee. Originally hailing from London, Charles studied languages at Oxford University before taking his first jobs in real estate and marketing.  In 1987 he moved to Paris, France and worked with one of the world’s largest real estate brokerage firms before setting up the first “pure tenant-rep” firm in France in 2004. 

Wayne Teig, ITRA Global Minneapolis/St. Paul, came to ITRA Global in early 2015 and immediately began to contribute to the organization by serving on the ITRA Global Locations Committee, and later on the ITRA Global Marketing Committee. He was elected to the ITRA Global Board of Directors in 2018 and shortly thereafter, accepted the position of Secretary. Wayne uses his vast experience from having served on many corporate real estate committees and boards of directors over his twenty-five year career to contribute to the  ITRA Global Board. He shares his diverse knowledge and marketing expertise in the role of Chairman for both the ITRA Global Marketing Committee and the ITRA Global Newsletter Committee.

Gordon Rasmussen, CCIM, ITRA Global Phoenix, serves as Treasurer of the organization. He joined the organization in 2003 and is one of ITRA Global’s longest standing members. Gordon became a board member in 2015, and has served as the ITRA Global Treasurer since 2016. Gordon is a man of strong dedication and commitment. His diplomacy and insight have served him well in many other ITRA Global roles, including tenures on the Marketing and Newsletter committees.

Mark Twentyman, ITRA Global Northern New Jersey, and Lisa Seun, ITRA Global Perth, will serve as Directors at Large.  Mark became a part of ITRA Global in 2011 and began his service as a board member in 2017. Originally from England, Mark adds a bit of jovial wit to the ITRA Board of Directors. Prior to becoming a member of the Board of Directors, he served as Regional Chairman of the Global Locations Committee, and in 2018 took on the challenge of Chairman of that committee, responsible for leading the effort in the recruitment of new members.  

Lisa Seun, ITRA Global Perth, became a member of ITRA Global in 2014, and is the newest member of the organization’s Board of Directors. Lisa has developed a reputation within ITRA Global as one who speaks her mind and as an outside-the-box thinker. She has contributed many new ideas at the board level as well as to the ITRA Global Conference and Programs Committee on which she currently serves. 

Chairman Emeritus, Carrie Holstead, ITRA Global Pittsburgh, was voted into the organization in 2004 and immediately became a strong contributor. Carrie is a leader in global business development. She was Chairman of the ITRA Global Business Development Committee for many years and serves today as the board liaison to the committee. Carrie began her service on the ITRA Board of Directors in 2009 and has served in every board officer position – Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Chairman, Chairman, and now serves in the advisory position of Chairman Emeritus.  Carrie was the recipient of the “ITRA Global Exemplary Service Award” in 2017, and the following year became only the second person to be honored with the “Ronald R. Pollina PhD Leadership Award”, the highest honor to be bestowed upon an ITRA Global member.  

ITRA Global members appreciate the dedication and hard work of the Board of Directors, each of whom is committed to the best interests of each member and ensuring that the organization remains the leader in corporate site selection and tenant representation.   

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